Features To Look Out For When Purchasing Your Domestic Electric Pressure Washer

Features To Look Out For When Purchasing Your Domestic Electric Pressure Washer

There is no more doubt that the demand for pressure washers is rising by the day; it has become a machine that almost every home possesses as no one would instead opt for a more challenging method when there is a more straightforward and efficient way of cleaning. Most homes that need the pressure washer to simply clean common stains, dirt, and grime go for the light-duty electric model pressure washer with pressure levels of 1,700-2,000 pounds per square inch.

The primary reasons why they go for this model type is because electric models are:

  • Easy to carry and more portable
  • less expensive than the gas model types
  • Requires little maintenance and also helps to cut cost as it does not need gas or diesel
  • It gives out no exhaust fumes thus, making it the perfect choice to clean both the indoor and outdoor of your house.
  • It will not cause any damage to their home like a heavy-duty model type with a higher pressure would if used there.

For whatever reason you intend to buy your electric pressure washer, it is crucial for you to always look out for some features to guide you to choose the perfect one. We will help you achieve that in this article, as we will be talking about these features and be explaining their importance.

Features of Pressure Washer

  • Cleaning Unit: This particular feature determines the efficiency of the cleaning power of your pressure washer. The cleaning unit of your pressure washers is determined by two factors; PSI(Pound per square inch) and GSM (Gallon per minute).
  • PSI: This is defined as the degree of force in which your pressure washer sprays out water. The higher the PSI of a washer, the higher the cleaning unit. For a light-duty electric pressure washer, you should look out for a washer within the range of 1,400- 2,000 PSI to be able to blast away almost every common stain and dirt.
  • GSM: This is the rate of the volume of water that passes through the washer nozzle every minute. While buying your domestic pressure washer, you should opt for one with a GSM within the range of 1.7 to 2.8 GSM. A pressure washer with high GSM cleans your surfaces faster.
  • Multiplying these two factors to determine the perfect cleaning unit you should go for while choosing your domestic washer, you should go for a pressure washer with an average cleaning unit of 3,500.
  • Engine Size: It is essential to check your electric washers' power( watts) as they also help determine how efficient they turn out to be.
  • Butt Water Connection: It is also advisable to go for a washer that can connect with a water butt. Water butt helps collect rainwater for your washer; this enables you to save money and utilize your natural resources.
  • Other Convenience Features: You could also consider some features that ease you while operating the machine. These include; wheels to help move around, long hose length, long cord lengths, etc.


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