How Do You Replace Garage Door Bottom Bracket?

How Do You Replace Garage Door Bottom Bracket?

The water and salt would cause garage door bottom bracket to rust badly. A prevalent problem brought on by Canadian winters. Fasten screws and bolts loosen as the brackets corrode. The cord for the garage door could break at any time.

Prioritize safety. If you do not have the right tools and safety gear, do not try to fix a garage door bottom bracket. Read the article and follow the instructions given below to understand how to replace the bottom bracket.

Garage Door Repair Guide: Step-By-Step Replacement Procedure

Rust frequently attacks garage door bottom brackets, which compromises both functioning and safety as they fend off the effects of inclement weather. We will walk you through the process of replacing these broken parts in this guide, so your garage door runs safely and smoothly. Put safety first and pay close attention to following instructions to get your garage door working again.

Unplug the opener and remove the arm

The first advice is to unplug your garage door opener from the electrical outlet and carefully remove the arm. Now, lock the door and secure the clamps to the track above the middle roller. This step will ensure that the door does not open while you are working.

Unwind the springs

Position the ladder so that you can keep your face away from the winding bars and cone when unwinding the garage door springs. Now, securely grasp the winding bar and insert it into the cone, then unscrew the screws that hold the winding cones. You must count the number of quarter turns you remove from the spring as you unwind it because you will be adding the same amount of strain later. Before winding and unwinding the torsion spring, take your time and focus on what you are doing. Remove all distractions from your workspace.

Remove the cable

Another vital step for changing the garage door bottom bracket is to unscrew the screws on the cable drum. Then, slide the cable drum away from the bearing plate and remove the cable from it.

Remove the bottom bracket

To complete this task, remove the light bolt that typically secures the bottom bracket to the wall. Then, unscrew the fasteners and slide the vehicle to one side to release the bottom bracket from your garage door.

As a result, the following five recommendations for replacing garage door bottom brackets might be quite useful. If you need experienced assistance, you can contact a professional.

When to Call a Professional

If you have complex issues or are unsure about DIY repairs, it is best to hire a professional garage door repair service. They may provide experienced support while ensuring safe and effective repairs.


This article provides homeowners with the expertise to replace their garage door bottom brackets. A properly operating garage door requires regular maintenance and prompt repairs. Remember, safety comes first, and do not be afraid to seek expert help if necessary.