Tips to Decide Bi-Fold Closet Door Size

Tips to Decide Bi-Fold Closet Door Size

The most common type of door used for closets is a custom bifold closet door. This sort of door is affordable and comparatively simple to install, but installation is only possible if you know the door's required size.

Custom bifold closet doors are excellent for both large and small closets. They are available in a vast range of sizes and styles on Alibaba. Making sure that the bifold door you buy is the right size for your wardrobe is the first step to installing one.

The best option you have when you are thinking of purchasing custom bifold closet doors is the Alibaba website. There are different sizes, designs, and colors available. You can choose the right one that is suitable for you. But the first step is to select the size for your custom bifold closet doors.

Tips to Decide Best Bi-Fold Closet Door Size

Here are some instructions from the best experts about selecting a size for custom closet doors.

1. Watch Width

Even in brand-new houses, not every closet is square. Measure the top and bottom horizontal lengths of your opening regardless of whether you've chosen a bifold, pivot, or bypass door.

2. Measure the Door Height

At the bottom of the hole but inside the frame lay the metal edge of the tape measure on the ground. Pull the measuring tape slowly upward until you reach the top. Note the number on the paper. For a typical bifold door, 80.75 inches is needed.

3. The Minimum Width and Height for Bifold Closet Doors

You must first establish the finished opening size for the bifold doors to decide on the enormous bi-fold doors that your area can accommodate.

Minimum Height

Depending on the manufacturer, the minimum height of a typical set of bi-fold doors will be between 60 and 70 inches.

Minimum Width

Origin can produce doors starting at 15.75 inches; these sizes can be used as pass-through windows.

6. Maximum Width And Height

Here is a range between maximum height and width that you can follow to understand better how to choose them.

Maximum Width

A single door leaf's maximum width might range from 35 to 50 inches. A door panel on an Origin door can be up to 48 inches wide. For non-hurricane zones, the largest door panel size is 48 inches by 118 inches.

Maximum Height

The maximum height for many bi-fold doors is between 95 and 98 inches. However, some manufacturers can provide door sets ranging from 120 to 145 inches.

9. Standard Size

However, a "typical" three-door set of bi-folds would fall somewhere between 80 inches tall, 70 inches wide and 96 inches long. These standard-size custom bifold closet doors are available on the Alibaba shopping platform.


The hardest part of your decision should be picking the ideal design to complement your taste. There are so many different Alibaba closet door sizes available, and you have your specific measurements in hand.

Are you prepared to begin working on your Alibaba bifold closet? Choose the best size according to your wardrobe and order on for high-material bifold closet doors.