Types of Wholesale Egg Cartons for Your Business

Types of Wholesale Egg Cartons for Your Business

One of the most common ingredients found in different types of food today is the egg. From cakes to making something as simple as an egg sandwich, one cannot deny their importance to people today. But since the egg has a delicate shell, it requires maximum protection. However, this protection needs a surface that does not allow breaking. This is where egg cartons come in. Are you interested in egg cartons bulk business but do not know what to choose?

Types of wholesale egg cartons

You can find wholesale egg cartons in different shapes and sizes. They are made to suit both the wholesale and the retail sectors. However, you should know of several types of egg cartons before buying them. A close look at Alibaba will showcase different egg cartons, all worth it. Your selection will depend on what you want, especially on the materials, number of eggs, and the formation of cartons.

Foam egg containers

This is by far one of the most common types of egg packaging. It has been in production since the 1940s and consists of quality polystyrene. This form of egg carton is known for its strength but is lightweight. It provides adequate cushioning for the egg and has a high insulation rate. They are also heavily customizable, making them suitable for branding. Modern foam eggs are even advanced.

Filler trays

Another type of wholesale egg carton is the filler tray. This form of egg packaging consists of wood pulp or cardboard. Contrary to the polystyrene egg carton meant for retail. The filler trays are intended to store a large number of eggs at a go. One tray can hold thirty-six eggs, and you can pile as many as five trays on top of each other in a box. These trays make egg transport more accessible and safer.

PET cartons

This is another type of wholesale egg carton that offers improved protection to packaged eggs. The carton is also environmentally friendly since manufacturers make it from recycled materials. These cartons come in sizes ranging from 6 to 12 packs making them most suitable for retail use. The PET cartons are bi-fold, meaning you can cover the eggs thoroughly, adding an extra layer of protection.

Fiber cartons

These are another form of egg packaging made entirely of recycled materials and offer increased egg protection. These forms of packaging are also easy to make and thus are cheaper to procure. You can also make them to any specifications, such as those holding two to thirty eggs. They also have hoes, allowing customers to see the eggs partially. Quality fiber cartons offer maximum egg protection.


Gone are the days when people used to place eggs in hay-covered baskets without any consideration for their protection. Today, you can find wholesale egg cartons on sites such as Alibaba. Nevertheless, it's essential to know what kind of egg cartons you'd like for your business and whether or not you will transport them. Whichever egg cartons you choose, you can always rely on their high quality for your business.